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Why WK Experts?

Over the years, we have acquired expertise in our sectors of activity: insurance, finance and banking. We understand the specific needs of these sectors and take the time to understand the challenges of each of your recruitments in order to present you with the most relevant profiles.

Driven since the beginning by our desire to create efficient, fulfilling and long-lasting collaborations, we have perfected our recruitment method and developed our candidate database, which allows us to find the ideal candidate for you more quickly.

Also, our agency is part of Wikitree Group,a specialist in insurance and finance for more than 10 years, from which we benefit from a very large network.

True to our à our values, we will be able to meet your expectations perfectly.

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How can you help you?

Recruitment & Selection

From resumes screening to hiring, we handle everything. We assist you from A to Z. We select, interview and present you only the most suitable candidates for your search.

Recruitment consultancy

We're also here if you need support with your internal recruitment process. Whatever the reason, we can help you recruit the right talent for your company.

Taking up references

We take care of taking references for all our candidates from their former employers.


If necessary, we test your future employee's skills. In particular, we use the TMA.


Also take advantage of the FSMA accredited WikiAcademy.

Whether it's retraining or teaching your staff new skills, we can help.

Our recruitment method

 Our goal is to build a lasting partnership

We want to understand your needs and meet them perfectly. That's why we have a proven and effective recruiting process in place.

  Active search for candidates 

We scan our databases and activate our large network.

  CV screening and phone contact

We select the applications and proceed to a telephone screening.

  Face to face interview

We believe it is essential to talk to candidates face to face to understand their background and identify their skills.

  Taking up references

We check the candidate's references with former employers.

  Assessment on demand

If you wish, we can test the candidates' skills.

  Submission of the candidate profile and follow-up

We provide you with the files of the candidates selected and met by our consultants.

Entrust us with your hiring needs